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Protect your equipment with the mobile hacker protection service


    Keep your data, photos, and documents safe with the MOVI-R anti-hacker system. This is a service dedicated to customers who want peace of mind against cyber criminal attacks.



Protect the Cloud with Movi-R


Our goal is to detect, block and eliminate hackers and any computer viruses hosted within a cloud platform. These days, it is very risky to browse the web or access our private files without proper protection. The existing threats in each site we visit on the Internet and the high probability of being victims of a virus or malware attack make it essential to have our protection. MOVI-R security ensures that our devices are always protected and access the entire network without worry.



Network Firewalling

Protect the network edge with the ultimate all-in-one firewall solution and synchronized communication with cloud workloads to automate isolation and malware clean-up.



Cloud Workload Protection

Intercept X for Server ensures virtual machines and virtual desktops stay protected from the latest threats, including ransomware, fileless attacks, and cloud-specific malware.



Cloud Security Posture

Management Cloud Optix continually monitors cloud configurations, detecting suspicious activity, insecure deployment, over-privileged IAM roles, and spikes in cloud spend.



Secure Cloud Access

Visualize IAM relationships to identify over-privileged access that can be exploited in a cyberattack, and identify cloud account credential theft and suspicious API calls.




Seamlessly integrate security and compliance checks with your CI/CD pipelines, ensuring security throughout the life of application infrastructure.



Protect Data

Automatically detect storage services and security group misconfigurations, identify shadow IT in cloud apps, and stop ransomware with the world’s best protection.





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