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Business mail service, a tool that will strengthen your brand


 A business email is a personalized email address that uses your domain name instead of using the name of a free supplier, such as, conveying a professional impression. With MOVI-R you can get professional addresses for each team or team member.


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The corporate email is a great communication tool in the company that allows, mainly, to separate the personal communication of the workers from the work communication and the company that transmits a professional impression. It also allows all this information from work emails to be centralized in the company's Hosting service, thereby preventing emails from being lost. It is made up of the user's name, the at sign and the company's web domain. In such a way that it has the following structure: By using free service emails you take away from the seriousness of your company's image. You might think that it is a new company and that they do not have much budget. On the contrary, having a corporate email gives your company identity. With a corporate email it will be easier to distinguish your company from spam email. It could be said that not having a corporate email is equivalent in the physical world to not having an office or fiscal address, it could give the impression of informality. Corporate emails are said to give the public seriousness, professionalism and confidence. Spam and corporate mail By having a domain,


your emails will not reach the spam tray of your customers or suppliers because they are more reliable addresses for the mail services that will receive your communication. In addition to having your own corporate email, you can adapt your communication to the necessary requirements for your company's work. Corporate email will help organize information in a more orderly way. You will only need to create emails by areas so that customers and the public can communicate with the competent area for their complaints or queries. Having your own corporate email catalyzes the possibilities of being able to schedule your email according to the needs of your company. It allows you to manage filters in such a way that you will not receive emails with viruses, spam emails. You can also filter the advertising and newsletters that you normally receive from free mail services. Corporate email also gives you the option to configure the communication of your workers on different devices such as smartphones.



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