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Fiber optic internet is the fastest there is in terms of connectivity. This service operates with the same upload and download speed. An ultra-fast access that maximizes connectivity. This technology ensures quality allowing you to do more online, at the same time and without interruptions. This technology works through fiber optic lines similar to cables, but which have glass instead of metal wires inside. The glass acts as a conductor for flashing lights that turn on and off at certain intervals to transmit the digital code from one end to the other. Thanks to this technology, you can count on speeds much faster than those offered by DSL or cable.


Features and Benefits



Exclusive Network:

Service with dedicated and symmetric data access for your business.



Bandwidth and prices according to the growth of your business.


Permanent access:

Internet connection with guaranteed constant bandwidth.


Fixed IP:

Includes plans with a block of 8 IP addresses and one (1) IP address.



Combined functionalities of firewall, VPN, reporting, Anti-Virus, Web-Filtering, Application Control and Intrusion Detection System (IPS).



Our plans include Router equipment for management, availability and security of your business network. Personalized Attention: assistance and specialized technical support from the 24/7 Network.






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Phone number: 321-626-8713



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